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Our web site is divided into 7 sections.  You can read a brief overview of each section below, then you can jump to the section you're interested in by clicking on the red heading, or on the link to the left.

Slide Shows :  This is the most visited section of the site.  You can watch 4 different slide shows related to schema therapy:  the conceptual model, the treatment approach, borderline personality disorder, and a slide show for the general public based on our self-help book, Reinventing Your Life.
Inventories:   This is one of most popular areas of the site.  Here you'll find sample items from many of our schema measures: the Schema Questionnaire, Young Parenting Inventory, Young-Rygh Avoidance Inventory, and Young Compensation Inventory.  You'll also find information about research related to the inventories.  
Schema Theory :   In this section you'll find definitions and detailed explanations of all the main elements of schema theory: schemas, coping styles, and modes.  This is one of the best places on the site to learn about the schema therapy conceptual model.
Bibliography :  Here you'll find detailed references to books, articles, chapters, and DVD's related to schema therapy.  The most essential references are highlighted.
Training :   This section contains a link to information our Schema Therapy training program.
Contact the Institute:   Here you'll find our e-mail address, mailing address, and phone numbers.
Online Order Center:  We have a new website just for ordering schema therapy forms and inventories online. This link will bring you to our new order website.